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Our mission is to organise concerts and a variety of cultural events and shows. 

We work with most popular polish musical artistsOur young team, thanks to proper educationexperience and engagement, will provide you professionally organised service that are on top artistic and visual level. 

We provide many events – small gigs, concert hall projects, open air and television shows, but also large tours for top polish artists in almost every musical genre. We guarantee an artistic care, promotional support and technical service for both chamber concerts and large festivals. 

We organise ticketed events and we sale prepared concert projects dedicated to external audience – cultural institutionsself-government and private companies. We approach individually to each Client. It allows us to precisely fit our offer according to His needs and expectations. 

Our portfolio also consists of festival shows with rich artistic programme, that take place for a few days. To meet constantly increasing requirements of musical industry’s audience, we do our best to provide only professionally and well-organised events. 

Every single time we care to provide concerts loaded with unique emotions and unforgettable experienceThat’s because our job is also our passion! 


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